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About Santa at Fairview Town Center

  • Santa's Winter Wood 102 Fairview Station Parkway Fairview, TX, 75069 United States (map)

November 7, 2018

Santa’s Winter Woods opens in just 10 days - if you have driven by lately its sure beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The set is nearly complete! Our seamstress has also been hard at work, and we wanted to share what Santa’s new costume will look like with all of you.

The first photo (Immediate below) gives you the side view - keep in mind that in this lighting the vest looks a bit more rusty red than it really is. In the second photo (second below) is straight on and more true to color.


These costumes have been custom made to coordinate with the Santa’s Winter Woods experience and e hope you like them as much as we do!

Have you made your family’s appointment yet? Be sure to visit and book today!

October 11, 2018

It’s hard to believe but the booking web site for appointments at Santa’s Winter Woods will open to the public on Monday (10/15/18) - maybe even a little sooner. Christmas is just around the corner and preparations are well underway. Over the next four weeks, you’ll start seeing decorations and signage installed and you’ll see more and more posts on our web site and social media about the Holidays.

This week, we are so excited to share with you what Santa’s Winter Woods will actually look like and the experience we have created for your family. When your family arrived at Santa’s Winter Woods, you will walk into an atrium that will look like this:

Untitled 1

Inside this atrium it will be snowing - that’s right, SNOWING! INSIDE!

When you check in, each child in your party will receive an official Santa’s Winter Woods Trail Guide. The Trail Guide will encourage the kiddos to look for the animals included in experience. As your family moves through the experience and makes their way to Santa, you will scenes similar to this one:


The actual photo set will look something like this:


After your visit with Santa, the kiddos will be able to visit the art area or the play area while you select your photos and package and shop in out Christmas store. There will even be a coffee bar with drinks and snacks available for purchase.

We hope you are as excited to visit this new Santa experience as we are to bring it to Fairview and your family. In our next post, we’ll give you a sneak peak at some of Santa’s new costumes. In the mean time, we’ll post the link to the new booking web site no later than Monday, October 15th.

Questions?  Feel free to email them to


October 5, 2018

Last post we promised you a look at our new booking site and we are ready to share. One of the most frequently asked questions we get is, “Why do I have to make appointment changes from the confirmation email - why can’t I just go directly back to the web site and make changes?” You asked, we listened - this year you will be able to go back to the booking web site and make changes as well as use the link in the confirmation email.

Here’s what you will see when you log on to the new site:

SWS - 2

If you would like to make an appointment, simply choose the number of children, select a date on the calendar and then a time. The system will take you through the process of booking your appointment. Have questions? Click on the FAQ button right above the photo of Santa. If you are looking to change an appointment you have already made, you will need to click here:

SWS - 2

Then scroll down to this:

SWS - 2

Click on Customer Area, then you will see:

SWS - 2

Click on the booking and this pops up:

SWS - 2

Click where shown and you can make changes to your appointment as long as you are doing so at least an hour before the scheduled appointment.

Other changes include a Contact feature available at the bottom of every page for phone, email, and snail mail and access to the FAQ’s from any page. We hope you will find the new site and these new features helpful. The booking web site will go live on October 15, 2018 - we’ll come back and update this post with the link that day.

Next up - you will get a look at our brand Santa’s Winter Woods decor and we’ll be telling you all about the new experience and what you and your family will see and experience when you visit.

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September 21, 2018

Have you ever wondered what goes in to stocking all the merchandise at the Santa Experience? Believe it or not, we start working on this in January or February and our team has been looking at Christmas items for months! Our orders were placed in May are now arriving September and October!

Last year, after we sold out of wooden the “Joy” frame in two weeks, many of you told us that you would love to see some additional retail offerings - so we have added some really wonderful merchandise to the retail part of the Santa experience for 2018. Wreaths, stockings, ornaments, Cookies For Santa sets, and mugs are just a few of the items you’ll see in the retail section of the new Santa Experience. Most items sell for under $30 and there are tons for great ideas for teacher gifts, grandma, friends - just about anyone. You’ll also find some wonderful items for your home, and of course, the traditional frames, key chains and even an advent calendar. Our favorite - the mugs that come on matching boxes - grab a bow or ribbon and you are good to go!

Here are just a few of the items that will be available this year:


In our next post, we’ll be showing you our new booking web site (yes, there will be a new URL for this year) - stay tuned….

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September 5, 2018


One of the most fun decisions we make each year is what will the Santa gift be?  More than 10,000 kiddos visit each season and that makes choosing an item that works for all ages and all families a challenge. In the past we have always gone with candy - it's a classic for a reason - but many of you have told us you would prefer another option.  So this year, we decided to change it up a bit.  

One of the things we have always wanted to do is to incorporate art in to the Santa Experience. This year, with our new larger space and with some help from our friends at The Goddard School, we will be able to do just that!


Each child that visits with Santa will receive an unfinished wooden ornament (pictured above).  The kiddos, with some help from the folks at The Goddard School, will then be able to decorate their ornament (pictured right - with apologies for the lack of artistic talent) in the art area.  Staff from The Goddard School - who know a thing or two about working with kiddos - will be on hand to assist the kiddos during most Santa hours.  Each ornament will be finished with a special sticker noting the child's name and the year.  But that's not all....  we will also have a second art project available where the kiddos will get to leave their mark on the Santa Experience.  Kids will have the opportunity to create a paper cardinal, write their name on it, then pin it to the cork Christmas trees that will be part of the art area.  Our goal is to have every child who visits create a cardinal for the trees and to fill the area with the art the kids create. 


We want your family's experience with Santa at Fairview Town Center to be exceptional.  Adding art, and partnering with the experts at The Goddard School to help the kids with their projects, is just one more way we are working to create something amazing for your family.

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August 20, 2018


One of the questions we are asked over and over each Holiday Season at Fairview Town Center is "How can I arrange a private visit or party with Santa?"   In the past, that was just not possible (for a variety of reasons) but this year, as part of our new Santa experience, Fairview Town Center can make that happen.

Our new space, which will be located at 102 Fairview Station Parkway behind The Container Store, is almost 10,000 square feet!  As a result, we have the opportunity to make private parties with Santa available November 26-29 and December 3-6, 2018 in the evenings and on select weekday mornings in late November/early December.  Parties are available at the Santa space at times when the photo operation is closed for the day - Santa, the photo staff, the photo space, and the party team are all yours!

We can accommodate between 20 and 100 guests (there is a 20 guest minimum) between 6:30 pm and 9:00 pm November 26-29 or December 2-6, 2018.  Whether you are looking for a basic group Santa visit, an event with treats (hot cocoa and cookie bar anyone) or a party with full catering, we can make it happen. All parties include photos with Santa and special features like story time with Santa, cookie decorating or a special craft can be incorporated in to your event.  We can even create a special "nice list" with your guest's names!

Interested in making your Holiday party one to remember?  Want to give your kiddos and their friends the experience of a lifetime?  Email or call 972-363-2215 for additional information, prices and to reserve dates.  We offer packages starting at just $25 per person.

The details for the new Santa experience at Fairview Town Center are coming together and we will be sharing them over the next weeks!  A sneak peak of our next post.... you'll get a look at our 2018 Santa gift!  Stay tuned.....

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July 18, 2018

As many of you know, 2017 was a difficult year for Fairview Town Center -  our long time Santa character "The Big Guy" passed away.  We know how heartbreaking this was for our families - many of you had never taken your kiddos to any other Santa.  

Moving forward for 2018, we want to keep all of our loyal families informed about what the Santa experience at FTC will be like in 2018.  We will be updating this page as we get closer to the holiday season with information we feel will help you understand the experience we are creating.  These updates are intended for adults, not for the kiddos.  

We have planned a truly magical experience for your family for 2018 and are excited to tell you more about it over the coming months - starting today...

Santa Hero--2.jpg

Meet our FTC Santa!   We are so thrilled to welcome Santa to Fairview Town Center for 2018!  He is an amazing man and is thrilled to have the opportunity to share all of his Holiday adventures with your family.  We worked hard to bring your family a Santa character in keeping with the traditions that you have told us mean so much to your family and truly believe you will love him as much as we do!

In the coming weeks, we'll tell you about our new photo space and how we plan to decorate it, our new merchandise offerings, our new Santa gifts and how we are adding art in to the photo experience - and much much more.  Stay tuned.....

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